Moving & Packing Tips

General Tips

  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items; larger boxes for light, bulky items.
  • Fill boxes to the brim to prevent them from being crushed when stacked.
  • Label the contents of every box and the room it belongs.
  • Keep money, jewelry, and valuable items with you.

Packing Kitchenware and Glasses

  • Stuff the top, bottom and sides of boxes with rolled up packing paper, Mic Pac or Loose Fill Pillows.
    This helps to prevent items from moving around, and from breakage. The steadier the contents, the less the chance of damages is.
  • Don’t place one layer of dishware directly on top of another; separate with a layer of stuffed paper.
  • Check out this video on how to pack kitchenware!

Packing Clothing

  • Put hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes or flat carton boxes.
  • Place shoes in medium / large size boxes. Use packing paper to protect and keep pairs separated.
  • Place non hanging clothes in large / x-large size boxes.
  • Check out this video on packing clothes!

Packing Electronics

  • If possible, pack them back in their original cartons. Otherwise, wrap up each item with sufficient bubble wrap.