Hiring the right mover

With so many movers in the market, selecting a mover can be daunting. Here at cartonboxsupply.com, we provide you some pointers to finding a trustworthy mover who fits your budget!

  1. Get Recommendations
    Speak to friends and family members if they can recommend a moving company. Read reviews on the Internet, always do research prior to committing and hire a mover with positive reviews!
  2. Get quotes from at least 3 companies
    With your list of recommended movers, call them up to schedule an on-site estimate so as to ensure that they know the full requirements of the job. During the on-site estimate, be sure to show the mover everything that you want to have moved. Most movers charge according to how many loads or trips they’ll have to make. Ask for the fewest number of trips. The lesser the trips, the lower your moving cost will be. Note how professional or unprofessional the movers seem. If they show up late, seem unsure of their abilities, cant answer your questions or its hard to contact them, look for another company.
  3. Hidden Costs
    Hidden costs are common in the moving industry. To avoid or minimize these additional costs, always remember to ask if there’s any additional costs for the following:
    Repacking/Dismantling items, Stairs, Heavy items above a certain weight, Bulky items that cannot fit into the lift, Time of the move, Express services, packing materials and etc.
  4. Packing
    Although professional movers can do everything for you, when it comes to packing all your items, there is a good reason to do this yourself. Not only will this be a good opportunity to go through all your items and throw out things you haven’t used in years, it will also help you to save some cash as this packing service is usually charged separately.

At the end of the day, the cost, time and effort, will be the most important issues when considering your move. If you would like to save on time and effort, hire a moving company to do it all for you. If you’re on a tight budget and have the abilities, why not consider doing it yourself? Or if you’re somewhere in between, consider doing part of it yourself and hiring movers for the rest.

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