At Carton Box Supply, we aim to be a one stop supply source, by providing low-cost and environmentally friendly packing supplies, to make your packaging and moving process simple. We seek to be a zero-waste company, and believe that it is better to reuse a carton box at least once before it is sent to the traditional recyclers.

Boxes are packed into “Kits” or “Packs” that consists of boxes of sizes and shapes that are most often used by professional movers. Select the “Kits” or “Packs”which best represents your home and enjoy free delivery (within 3 – 5 working days) with any purchase of our Moving Kits or Carton Boxes.


Many large companies unpack their cardboard boxes, and either send it straight to the traditional recyclers or throw them away, when in fact, many of these boxes are still in very good condition!

At Carton Box Supply, we bring these quality used boxes back to our warehouse for inspection and sorting. Our boxes are gently used once. Some of them will have printing on them, some may have tape or packing labels on them. Boxes that do not meet our quality checks goes straight to the traditional recyclers. Our boxes are great for house moving and storing, and you can rest assure that you are getting high quality boxes at a much lower cost.

Packing, storing and moving made easy, just a mouse click away!