Add-on: Loose Fill Pillows (fills 1 Large Box)


NOTE: This is an add-on product, for purchase together with any Moving Kit or Carton Box Pack to enjoy a free carton box delivery in Singapore!

Approx 4700 cubic inch. Fills a Large Box.

Loose Fill Pillow are packets of safe and efficient cushioning material that protects your product, regardless of shape. Loose Fill Pillow provides added protection through it’s excellent blocking and bracing properties and high compressive strength.
The loose fills are made of biodegradable cornstarch and the wrapping is made of Oxo-biodegradable film. Your more environmentally friendly choice!

  • Loose Fill Pillow are super-light and extremely suitable for cushioning and padding. They are great to provide support at the bottom and sides of our carton boxes to act as an additional layer of protection.
  • Loose Fill Pillow provides superior cushioning with its unique shape material
  • Reduces freight cost as it is lighter than most conventional packaging and dunnage materials
  • Loose Fill Pillow can be reused repeatedly as it is highly resilient
  • Loose Fill Pillow saves on cumbersome custom packs as it provides cushioning to all shape and size articles
  • Easy to use, no training is required
  • Packets of White Loose Fill Pillows
  • Volume: 4700 cubic inch
  • Stock Availability: Ready Stock
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